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To get started, select one of the 16 buttons (each of which corresponds to a chapter from the text) on the left side of the screen. Then select the desired activity for that chapter: Study, Quiz, or Flashcards.

The Study section for each chapter contains a chapter summary. Many chapters also include additional links to more information and related video content.

The Quiz section allows you to test your mastery of the material via multiple-choice and true-false questions provided for each chapter. You can opt to take each quiz with immediate or summarized results. For the “immediate” path, you see correct and incorrect answers question by question; for the “summarized” path, you will answer all quiz questions and then see correct and incorrect answers at the end, replicating a more realistic testing environment. After completing the quiz, you will see your “detailed results” which include your percentage grade for the quiz and outline your results by question type (e.g., conceptual, factual, and vocabulary) and by chapter section. You can also click on “see all answers” to see each of your responses. And please click on “email” to send your quiz results to your instructor.

The Flashcards allow you to review the key terms from the book. You can view terms and click for definitions, or vice versa, view definitions and click for terms. You can mark terms you would like to return to for further study, as well as shuffle and reset the cards.

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